Bachelor of Science, Computer Science BS (CS) 4 Years Program

The Department of Computer Science at SMIU offers a four-year BS (Computer Science) degree program in morning and evening shifts, which includes modern and industry oriented courses recognized by HEC.


Duration 4 Years
Semesters 8
Courses 46
Total Credit Hours 138
Semester I
S. No Course Code Course Title
1 CEN101 Basic Electronics
2 CSC101 Introduction to Computing
3 CSC103 Programming Fundamentals
4 MAT101 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
5 ENG101 English I (Functional English )
6 HSS101 Islamiat and Pakistan Studies
Semester II
S. No Course Code Course Title
1 CSC102 Data Structures and Algorithms
2 CSC104 Object Oriented Programming
3 MAT102 Multivariable Calculus
4 ENG102 English I (Technical and Report Writing)
5 MAT104 Discrete Mathematical Structures
6 ACC102 Financial Accounting/Principles of Accounting
Semester III
S. No Course Code Course Title
1 CEN201 Digital Logic and Design
2 CSC201 Database Management System
3 MAT201 Linear Algebra
4 ENG201 English III (Communication Skill)
5 MAT100 Probability and Statistics
6 HSS102 Foreign Language I
Semester IV
S. No Course Code Course Title
1 CEN202 Computer Organization & Assembly Language
2 CSC202 Operating System
3 MAT202 Differential Equation
4 SEN202 Software Engineering
5 SEN204 Web Engineering
6 HSS103 Foreign Language II
Semester V
S. No Course Code Course Title
1 CEN301 Computer Architecture
2 CSC301 Theory of Automata & Formal Language
3 SEN301 Human Computer Interaction
4 CEN303 Computer Communication & Network
5 HSS301 Professional Practices
6 MGTXXX Management/ Social Science Elective I
Semester VI
S. No Course Code Course Title
1 CSC302 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
2 CSC304 Compiler Construction
3 CSC306 Computer Graphics
4 MAT301 Numerical Computing
5 CSC3XX Computer Elective I
6 MGTXXX Management/ Social Science Elective II
Semester VII
S. No Course Code Course Title
1 CSC401 Artificial Intelligence
2 CSC4XX Computer Elective II
3 CSC4XX Computer Elective III
4 CSC4XX Computer Elective IV
5 CSC499 Final Year Project I
Semester VIII
S. No Course Code Course Title
1 MGTXXX Management/ Social ScienceĀ  Elective III
2 CSC4XX Computer Elective V
3 CSC4XX Computer Elective VI
4 CSC4XX Computer Elective VII
5 CSC500 Final Year Project II


S. No. Course Code Course Title
1 SEN401 Design Patterns
2 SEN402 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
3 SEN403 Software Engineering Economics
4 SEN404 Software Project Management
5 SEN405 Formal Methods
6 SEN406 Software Architecture
7 SEN407 Software Quality Engineering
8 SEN408 Software Requirements Engineering
9 SEN409 Software Development Methodologies
10 SEN410 Software Security Testing and Code Assessment
11 SEN411 Service Oriented Architecture
12 SEN412 Software Verification Techniques
13 SEN413 Data Ware House
14 SEN 414 Visual Programming
S.No Course Code Course Title
1 ITC401 Ethical Hacking
2 ITC 402 Applied Cryptography
3 ITC 403 Information Security Strategies and Policies
4 ITC 404 Digital Forensics
5 ITC 405 Secure Coding & Software Security
6 ITC 406 Cyber Crime
7 ITC 407 Security of Wireless Networks
8 ITC 408 Disaster Management & Recovery
9 ITC 409 Mobile Security and Forensics
10 ITC 410 Penetration Testing 
11 ITC 411 Data & Network Security 
S.No Course Code Course Title
1 CEN401 Network Planning & Administration
2 CEN402 Internet working
3 CEN403 Digital Signal Processing
4 CEN404 Internet Routing and Switching
5 CEN405 Signal and System
6 CEN406 Mobile Communication
7 CEN407 Wireless Systems
8 CEN408 WAN Technologies
9 CEN409 Telecom Transmission & Switching Systems
10 CEN410 Network Programming
S.No Course Code Course Title
1 CSC402 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
2 CSC 403 Multi-agent Systems
3 CSC 404 Computational Ontologies 
4 CSC 405 Computer Vision & Virtual Reality
5 CSC 406 Natural Language Processing
6 CSC 407 Image Processing
7 CSC 408 Machine Learning
8 CSC 409 Bioinformatics
9 CSC 410 Artificial Intelligence Programming
10 CSC 411 Expert System