B.Ed. (Hons) Years Degree Program (Secondary)

The Department of Education offers a 04-Years B.Ed. (Hons) degree. The programs is designed as per the guideline provided by HEC, it includes 12 credit hours teaching practice, which will help the students to have successful teaching career.


Duration 04 Years
Semesters 08
Number of Courses (Including Research Work) 43
Total Credit Hours 129


1st Year


Course Code Courses Credit Hours
ENG101 English-I 03
EDU103 Emerging Issues in Education 03
EDU105 General Teaching Methods 03
CSC101 Introduction to Computer and Its Application 03
  Content Course-I (Discipline-I) 03
  Content Course-I (Discipline-II) 03
  Total Credit Hours 18


Course Code Courses Credit Hours
ENG102 English-II 03
HSS101 Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies 03
EDU104 Educational Leadership 03
ENV101 Introduction to Environmental Science 03
  Content Course-II (Discipline-I) 03
  Content Course-II (Discipline-II) 03
  Total Credit Hours 18

2nd Year


Course Code Courses Credit Hours
EDU201 Foundations of Education 03
EDU209 General Mathematics (Secondary Level) 03
ENG201 English-III 03
EDU211 Computer Literacy 03
  Content Course-III (Discipline-I) 03
  Content Course-III (Discipline-II) 03
  Total Credit Hours 18


Course Code Courses Credit Hours
EDU206 Information and Communication Technology in Education 03
EDU204 Teaching Practice-I 03
EDU222 Classroom ManagementTechniques 03
  Pedagogy-I (Methods of teaching related to specialization-I) 03
  Content Course-IV (Discipline-I) 03
  Content Course-IV (Discipline-II) 03
  Total Credit Hours 18

3rd Year


Course Code Courses Credit Hours
EDU301 Curriculum Development 03
EDU303 Advanced Educational Psychology 03
EDU307 Educational Measurement and Evaluation 03
  Pedagogy-II (Methods of teaching related to specialization-II) 03
  Content Course-V (Discipline-I) 03
  Content Course-V (Discipline-II) 03
  Total Credit Hours 18


Course Code Courses Credit Hours
EDU302 School Community and Teacher 03
EDU310 Research Methods 03
MAT207 Statistics in Education 03
  Pedagogy-III (Methods of teaching related to specialization-III) 03
  Pedagogy-IV (Methods of teaching related to specialization-IV) 03
  Total Credit Hours 15

4th Year


Course Code Courses Credit Hours
EDU401 Guidance and Counseling 03
EDU403 Computer Application in Research 03
EDU405 Teaching Practice-II 03
EDU419 Comparative Education 03
  Total Credit Hours 12


Course Code Courses Credit Hours
EDU402 Inclusive Education 03
EDU406 Teaching Practice-III 06
EDU500 Research Thesis (Practical) 03
  Total Credit Hours 12

List of Elective Subjects (Contents), the subjects which are being taught at secondary level

Students will choose any TWO of the disciplines from the given lists of the content courses in that semester where required.

Content Course-I

Course Code Course
EDU107 English(Secondary Level)
EDU109 Islamiyat(Secondary Level)
EDU111 Mathematics(Secondary Level)
EDU113 General Science(Secondary Level)

Content Course-II

Course Code Course
EDU106 Urdu (Secondary Level)
EDU108 Pakistan Studies(Secondary Level)
EDU112 Biology(Secondary Level)
EDU114 Home Economics(Secondary Level)

Content Course-III

Course Code Course
EDU211 Sindhi(Secondary Level)
EDU213 Indo-Pak History(Secondary Level)
EDU215 Physics(Secondary Level)
EDU217 Computer Science(Secondary Level)

Content Course-IV

Course Code Course
EDU214 Arabic(Secondary Level)
EDU216 Civics(Secondary Level)
EDU218 Chemistry(Secondary Level)
EDU220 English Literature(Secondary Level)

Content Course-V

Course Code Course
EDU315 Commerce (Secondary Level)
EDU317 Urdu Adab(Secondary Level)
EDU319 Physiology and Hygiene(Secondary Level)
EDU321 Economics(Secondary Level)

List of Pedagogies Courses

The students will choose pedagogy courses similar to the content courses studied in previous semesters for specializations from the lists given under:


Course Code Course Pre-requisite
EDU222 English (Pedagogy) EDU107
EDU224 Islamiyat(Pedagogy) EDU109
EDU226 Mathematics (Pedagogy) EDU111
EDU228 General Science (Pedagogy) EDU113
EDU230 Commerce (Pedagogy) EDU315


Course Code Course Pre-requisite
EDU323 Urdu (Pedagogy) EDU106
EDU325 Pakistan Studies (Pedagogy) EDU108
EDU327 Biology (Pedagogy) EDU112
EDU329 Home Economics (Pedagogy) EDU114
EDU331 Urdu Adab (Pedagogy) EDU317


Course Code Course Pre-requisite
EDU318 Sindhi (Pedagogy) EDU211
EDU320 Indo-Pak History (Pedagogy) EDU213
EDU322 Physics (Pedagogy) EDU215
EDU324 Computer Science (Pedagogy) EDU217
EDU326 Physiology and Hygiene EDU319


Course Code Course Pre-requisite
EDU328 Arabic (Pedagogy) EDU214
EDU330 Civics (Pedagogy) EDU216
EDU332 Chemistry (Pedagogy) EDU218
EDU334 English Literature (Pedagogy) EDU220
EDU336 Economics (Pedagogy) EDU321