Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. I am a student of first semester, Can I apply for the leadership program?

A: Yes, you can apply. As the tests are conducted in the month of July, so your first semester result will be announced till that time and furthermore will be evaluated for the added process.

2. How much money will I have to pay for the program?

A. The registration fee is Rs.1000/-. In case of submitting form after deadline, a late fee of Rs.1000/- is charged.

3. What will be the pattern of the exam?

A. The exam pattern is usually a combination of both subjective and objective format including analysis questions, reference to the context, MCQs and descriptive writings in the form of essay or precis.

4. What if my CGPA is just a point below the criteria, like 2.3 or 2.4?

As the criteria states, that you can apply only if your CGPA is 2.5 or above.

5. What if my GPA in the last semester is above 2.5 but CGPA is below 2.5?

A. You can take a chance in that case if you are confident enough that your next semester results will help you increase your CGPA up to the benchmark, However, the final evaluation will take into account your latest results, so it's completely your call.

6. Will I be expected to attend all the events for which I will get an invitation from the university?

A. Yes its mandatory for the Ambassadors to attend all the session where they are invited from the university. However, in case of any emergency an application can be submitted to the Student Welfare/ Program Office.  In case of non-compliance strict actions will be taken by the management.

7. What will be the consequences if in any case I will not be able to fulfill the expectations from the university?

A. The senior management has the authority to take strict actions in case of non-compliance. A warning letter may be issued followed by explanation call and termination of the Ambassadorship.

8. What will be the process of lodging any complaints or giving any suggestions?

A. See page number 6 of this booklet.